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Principal's Message

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Dear Parents/ Caregivers,

Well the year is coming to a close, with only one day of the 2017 school year remaining. It has been a fantastic year, with the children, staff, parish and community, all achieving so much in so many different pursuits. It is nice to think back over the year and celebrate all that has been achieved. As this will be our last newsletter for the year, I would like to, on behalf of the staff, wish you all a safe and happy Christmas season, and a relaxing holiday break. I look forward to seeing you all again in 2018.

God bless,

Leon Bolding

A Christmas Prayer

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Loving Father, 

Help us remember the birth of Jesus, that we may share in the song of the angels the gladness of the shepherds, and the worship of the wise men.


Sunday Gospel Reflections

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This Sunday's Readings and Reflections - This site is wonderful at helping to reflect on and understand the weekly Gospel readings.

Thanksgiving/ Graduation Mass

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A reminder that the final day of Term 4 for students is tomorrow, 8th December.

We will be commencing the day with a Thanksgiving/ Graduation Mass at 9:00am in St Dominic's Church, which everyone is invited to attend. The mass is an opportunity for our school community to come together and give thanks for the year that has passed and to also congratulate and farewell our 2017 graduating students.

During the ceremony after mass, the new 2018 student leadership team will be announced along with the faction captains and ministry roles. The students will form a guard of honour for our Year 6’s as they leave and head straight to a special farewell ceremony on the oval for both the students and parents. Following this there is a special morning tea in the hall for the students to enjoy.

As part of the the Year 6's special farewell ceremony on the oval, the students release balloons in to the sky. We have once again managed to source 100% biodegradable balloons that biodegrade at about the same rate as a leaf from an oak tree. The Year 6s will be releasing their balloons without ribbon to ensure that we are engaging in Earth-friendly practices.

We hope that you can make it for this special event in the St Dominic's School calendar.

2017 Important Dates

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On our school website, under the information tab, you will find information regarding the Catholic Education Systems term dates for 2017. Here you will also find the student free days for 2017. Alternatively, you can click here to access the site.

Under the same tab you will find our online term planner with all the events for 2017. Click here to go straight to the page. At the bottom of this planner you will find a link to a PDF copy of the Term 4 Parent Planner.

Term 1, 2018, commences on Wednesday, 31st January.

2018 Staffing

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Below is an outline of the staffing structure at St Dominic's School in 2018. 

We would like to acknowledge and thank the following departing staff members for all that they have done for the students and community over the years. Leaving us at the end of the year is Mrs Olivia Bramich, Mrs Celeste Spencer, Mrs Catherine Prentice, Mrs Alexis Fogliani, Miss Ciara Walsh, Mrs Rebecca Parker and Mrs Karine Fowler.   For many of these staff members it will not be the end of their association with St Dominic's School as we may see some of them back doing relief work in 2018.


Principal - Leon Bolding
Assistant Principal - Fiona Glumac
Office Staff - Monique Champion/ Kaye Jones

Classroom Teachers

Kindy - Jemma Davis
Pre Primary - Harriet Maingard 
Year One - Michelle Martin 
Year Two - Liz Lofthouse
Year Three - Alicia Matrenza
Year Four - Stirling Bovell
Year Five - Louise Smith
Year Six - Joe Sullivan

Specialist Teachers

Science - Fiona Glumac
Physical Education - Sarah Thompson
Digital Technology - Jemma Davis
Music - Margaret James
Italian – To be confirmed

Support Programs

Levelled Literacy Intervention - Margaret James/ Fiona Glumac
Reading Recovery - Margaret James
EMU - Fiona Glumac

Education Assistants

Kindy - Pieta Stirling
Pre-Primary - Sue Capriotti 
Year One - To be confirmed/ Nadia Reynolds 

Auxiliary Staff

School Counsellor - Gill Ford
Canteen - Christine Challis/ Peta Kelly

Cleaning - Tony Gomez

Sporting News

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Tennis at St Dominic's School

In term four, all St Dominic’s students have participated in Tennis lessons, paid for by a Sporting Schools Grant and delivered by Taylor Pratley from Scarborough Tennis Academy.

The progress made by the students (even by our Kindy kids) in threes short weeks was remarkable. We definitely have some budding tennis stars here at St Dom’s! 

As part of the program here at school, Scarborough Tennis Academy has offered St Dominic’s students a voucher to attend a session during their school holiday program. It is a comprehensive program offering a lot of choice of days and times so might be an excellent school holiday activity for families looking for something to do, and/or wanting to give Tennis a try. The information is outlined below, and Mrs Thompson will deliver the vouchers to classrooms before the end of term. 


AGES: 4 up to 14 years. Players will be split into age appropriate groups.
We suggest 4 and 5 year olds do half day only.

FULL DAY: 10am – 4pm | $60/day
 HALF DAY: 10am – noon | $32/day

EXTRA SUPERVISION: 9 – 10am and/or 4 – 5pm | $16 (Please advise which hour if not both)


Week 1: 18th - 22nd December

Week 2: 8th - 12th January

Week 3: 15th-19th January

Week 4: 22nd - 25th January

Book for 5 or more days and receive a 10% discount! Bookings essential! www.scarboroughtennis.com.au/holiday-camps

Contact: info@scarboroughtennis.com.au or 0430 110 848

Swimming 2018 

All St Dom’s families are reminded that swimming lessons are booked for Weeks 2 and 3 of Term One (beginning Monday 5th March). This will involve all students from Year 1 – 6 and will be held at Claremont Pool as has been the case in previous years.

Our Faction Swimming Carnival will be held in Week 6, on Wednesday 7th March, also at Claremont Pool, and will include all students from Year 3 to 6.

In order that students be well prepared for school swimming next year, I encourage everyone to do some swimming over the holidays, if at all possible. As well as enjoying some fun and keeping cool, a bit of practise of swimming skills will give students a head start when competition season arrives.

Carnival events include;

Freestyle – 25 or 50m
Breaststroke – 25 or 50m
Backstroke – 25 or 50m
Butterfly – 25 or 50m

*Please note: there are NO 25m events at the Interschool Carnival. Current Year 2s (next year’s Year 3s) should focus on their swimming endurance so they can be included in this event.

Other skills to practise include;

Dive starts – either off the pool edge or blocks (and with goggles on!)
Streamlines – particularly for Freestyle, keeping your head down and taking at least two strokes before the first breath. This will help maximise the speed and distance gained by a dive start.
Finishing races
    • Swimming all the way to the wall.
    • Touching with one hand for Freestyle and Backstroke and two hands for Breaststroke and Butterfly.
    • Staying on your back for Backstroke finishes (not rolling onto your tummy when you think you’re getting close to the end).
Being a small school means that many (almost all!) St Dom’s students will be required for Interschool events and the better prepared we are, the more enjoyable experience it will be.

Happy swimming!

Sarah Thompson
Physical Education Teacher

P&F Final Update for 2017

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What a fantastic year we have had! We raised $11,812 and held so many amazing community events. The P&F and class reps couldn't be prouder of our parents! To top our year off we have a new breed of passionate parents stepping up to take on the role of class reps for each year group! What a great way to start 2018. Each class rep picked an event to help out the school at our last meeting and we are hoping for another big year to support the kids, with our main item being to explore, with the School Board, the possibility of re-surfacing the courts.

I would personally like to thank Helen, Leonie & Leesa who put up with my stupid ideas, over excitement and backing me when things went a little crazy. Without these 3 ladies support and numerous hours put in there would be no P&F. The fact they were crazy enough to re-elect for positions again this year, along with Michelle Haagman means we are in safe hands and will keep running at the same pace as the last few years. Please give them a high five along with your class reps as sometimes a random "thanks for doing a great job" from a parent was one of the main things that kept me going. We know it's not possible for everyone to help out due to circumstances but we always appreciate your support. We are very blessed with an enthusiastic school community and lovely parents.

A massive thanks also need to go to Year 3 who ran our nativity play extravaganza with class reps Lee & Julie! The class baked all the tasty treats, served your snow cones and fairy floss plus organised the pizzas to make a fantastic total of $529.90 for the school. It made our nativity play a very exciting night on the calendar and we also thought the drums and marimba the P&F purchased on the night sounded like liquid gold. Thanks to Mags & Liz and all the teachers for another amazing play and entertaining us with our truly gifted children's voices.

Over to 2018.... our first event is an outdoor movie night welcomer with our big event a bingo night halfway through the year. Year 3 will be running this event with each class helping out with some donations on the night for auction. We are also considering introducing a Dad's and kids sleep out at school for the weekend before Father's Day (more info to come).

We would like to thank some amazing people who gave up a lot of their time this year to benefit our kids and the school - our retiring class reps. Sinead, Michelle, Ang, Julie, Lee, Leesa, Carmel, Mellissa F, Melinda and Tania and thank our new brave volunteers of Amber, Jaye, Nat, Katie, Nina, Lorna, Helen, Mel O, Kathryn & Rachel. We would also like to put a special mention out to Amber who we may have cornered in the playground to be a class rep but we think she will do a brilliant job on the Mothers Day morning tea. Thanks also to Monique who is truly a champion and Fiona & Leon for supporting us and our ideas.

A list of the items we have purchased this year are below. The P&F want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and want to remind you that you are always welcome and wanted at our P&F meetings. See you next year for more fun!
  • Robotics Equipment - $8,549
  • Sports Uniforms for Interschool - $7,119
  • Music Equipment - Drums, Marimba, Stand - $3,958
  • Vege Patch - seedlings/mulch/compost/bins - $1,964
  • Misc Classroom Additions - Lego/couch/social worker support items/Kindy -$1,351
  • Maths room resources - $1,187
  • Sporting Equipment - Soccer Goals and Balls - $454
  • Sporting Equipment - New lower netball goals, nets - $769
  • Edu-dance - $5,084

School Choir Visit to Birralee and Bethany Nursing Homes

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Recently our school choir has been using their talents to spread Christmas cheer to those in our local community. Last week the choir entertained and brought some big smiles to those living in the nearby Birralee Nursing Home and today they visited the Bethany Nursing Home. It was so nice to see the students using their gifts to entertain and bring joy to the lives of the residents.

Thank you to all the boys and girls for representing our school so well throughout the year and to Mrs James and Mrs Lofthouse for supporting and guiding them.

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