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posted Jun 22, 2017, 6:53 AM by Principal account   [ updated Jun 22, 2017, 8:37 AM ]

Dear Parents/ Caregivers,

Reflecting this week on Term 2 and all that has happened, it reminded me of just how much our students are exposed to and the amount of work our staff and community put into developing learning experiences and opportunities to ensure that St Dominic's School is so successful in developing and educating the students at our school.  At each Board Meeting I prepare and present a report which outlines things that have been happening around the school since our last meeting.  I thought I would share this with you as it encapsulates a lot of the work being done by the whole community and gives us an opportunity to celebrate.  Click here to access the report.

Below are just a few items that I wanted to bring to your attention, so please take the time to continue reading through this section and the newsletter, as it contains a range of articles written by myself, staff and the P&F.

Scholarships in 2018 - At this weeks Board meeting we discussed and agreed upon the establishment of several financial scholarships for students at and new to St Dominic's School in Year 4, 5 and 6. The criteria will be based on a wide range of areas and not purely based on a students academic achievements. We aim to publish the details of these scholarship opportunities next term, so keep an eye out for them.

Enrolment Incentives Program - In addition to scholarship opportunities in 2018, we discussed at the Board meeting implementing an enrolment incentives program from Term 3 this year. The program would provide an opportunity for current St Dominic's School families to have their school fees reduced by a percentage for one year. To access this reduction all you would need to do is introduce a new family to our school, and if that introduction resulted in an enrolment in any class from Pre Primary to Year 6, the reduction would be applied to your school fees for the following year. Once the precise details of this incentives program are finalised, we will provide further information to the community.

Combined Year 5 and 6 Class in 2018 - Over the past few weeks there appears to have been a growing conversation amongst our Year 4 and 5 families about the possibility of the school having a combined Year 5 and 6 classes in 2018. I understand that with fewer numbers in our Year 4 class this year and with another leaving us at the end of the term, that this may have been a logical conclusion to draw. Upon hearing about the discussions being had I addressed it directly with those families who raised it with me and spoke about it at our recent P&F Meeting. To ensure transparency I wanted to write to the whole school community about this topic.

The combining of the Year 5 and 6 class is not something that had been considered until recent changes in numbers and upon hearing about the discussions being had by the community. Our preferred preference is to continue having straight classes throughout the school and we will endeavour to make this happen. Unfortunately, with numbers declining in the current Year 4 class, there may come a time when this decision needs to be made for both social, educational and economic reasons. As we progress towards the end of the school year will be in a better position to know exactly how our numbers are looking for 2018 and what our economic situation will allow us to do. I will keep the community informed about any decision that is made and I am happy to discuss the situation with any families that may have concerns.

I hope the remaining weeks of the term are productive and peaceful for you and your children, and that you have a restful holiday break.  

God bless,

Leon Bolding 

St Rose of Lima Novena Prayer

posted Jun 22, 2017, 6:52 AM by Principal account

A Novena is an ancient devotion that consists of 9 days of prayer. Novenas are often prayed in preparation for a feast day or for a specific intention.  The St Rose of Lima Novena was chosen for this weeks prayer as she is linked closely to our school as one of our faction patron saints.  As a family and community you may like to pray the nine day novena prayer and offer it up for those sick in our school community and in your own families. Below is the first of the nine prayers followed by a link to a site that contains the next eight.  We have faith that through prayer God will hear us.

Day 1: Saint Rose, pray for us that we may one day glorify the Blessed Trinity in heaven. Obtain for us your lively faith that we may consider all people, things and events in the light of God. Pray, that we may be generous in making sacrifices of worldly things as you so wisely did. Please, also, pray for me and my intentions (State your intentions here).

Confirmation and First Eucharist Celebrations

posted Jun 22, 2017, 6:52 AM by Principal account

Congratulations to our Year 6 students who received the sacrament of Confirmation last Friday.  It was a very spiritual evening celebrated by Fr Nick and Fr Jo.  Thank you to all of those who made it special by being involved in the mass before, during or after.

Our Year 4 students are will be receiving the sacrament of First Holy Communion this Sunday at 11:00am in the St Dominic's Church.  The whole school community is invited to share in this special day by coming along to mass and supporting our Year 4 students and their families through prayer.  Any students that would like to be a part of the choir should come to the front of the church and meet Mrs James and Mrs Lofthouse in the normal choir area.

St Dominic’s School Garden News from Mrs Spencer (Environmental Coordinator)

posted Jun 22, 2017, 6:52 AM by Principal account

We have had a very busy and productive start to the St Dominic’s School veggie patch.

We planted new seedlings at the beginning of the year which has provided classes with samples of lettuce, carrot, rocket, beans, tomatoes and strawberries to try. We are eagerly waiting for the celery, broccoli and beetroot to mature so we can taste test those. The garden club, which runs on a Wednesday lunchtime, has provided those students with a keen interest in gardening the additional opportunity to help out with weeding, bug control and picking produce. This extra curricula activity is proving to be very popular with lots of students on a waiting list. The students who have attended so far have been very helpful and eager to learn.

We are beginning our journey towards becoming a Water wise and Waste wise school so you may see and hear some awareness promotions around the school in the form of promotional posters, a library display, newsletter and social media notices as well as the students participating in some activities at school related to this.

The P&F have been wonderful, purchasing some gardening equipment to help get the garden up and running.  We thank them for their support and you for supporting their fundraising initiatives.

Lastly, I would like to share with you the great news that we have been successful in acquiring a “Living Green Grant” from the City of Stirling. The money donated will go towards getting a compost bin, worm farm and rain water tanks.

Interschool Cross Country Carnival Success

posted Jun 22, 2017, 6:51 AM by Principal account   [ updated Jun 22, 2017, 6:51 AM ]

Congratulations to our Interschool Cross Country team who did an amazing job representing our school! We came seventh overall; however, individually they all made some wonderful improvements, many noting that they finished much higher up the list then last year. All the training and hard work they put in certainly showed today. Well done to all involved and thank you to Mrs Thompson and Mr Bovell for helping organise and train the team.

Clicking here will take you to just a few photos; however, more will be added in the next few days.

Messy Mud Day Incursion - A messy success!

posted Jun 22, 2017, 6:50 AM by Principal account

The Messy Mud Day incursion this week was a great success, with lots of smiles and muddy clothes all around the school. The day provided a hands on, feet in and body under mud experience for all the students and staff! Mud is an open ended material that meets the different needs and interests of all children and young people of all ages. Playing with mud enables children and young people to connect with nature in an immediate and direct way. Not only was this activity an important sensory experience, it was also an opportunity for the children to learn about the natural world around them.

EduDance Concert Next Tuesday at 2:00pm

posted Jun 22, 2017, 6:50 AM by Principal account

The EduDance concert is less than a week away now! The EduDance concert has been a highlight of the school calendar over the past two years and we know that the students have been practising to ensure that this years one is even bigger. The Pre Primary to Year 6 concert is scheduled for Tuesday 27th June, commencing at 2:00pm in the School Hall.

Leanne, the EduDance instructor has been working hard, teaching the students new dance routines and preparing them for the event. Leanne has also put together an outline of the costumes required for each year level. Please click here to see this list. If you have any questions regarding the costumes, please contact your child's teacher, who will be more than happy to assist.

Kindy parents and family members are invited to attend the students final EduDance lesson on Tuesday 27th June, commencing at 9:15am in the school hall.

Uniform Shop Updates

posted Jun 22, 2017, 6:49 AM by Principal account   [ updated Jun 22, 2017, 6:50 AM ]

Staffing Changes - The uniform shop has undergone a few changes over the past few weeks.  Melinda Cvitan and Adele Douglas have stepped away from the role due to work commitments.  We thank them sincerely for all that they have done in their voluntary capacity during the first half of this year.  The job is a difficult one, especially with the introduction of our new uniform, but both ladies did a tremendous job of helping our school community with their uniform needs.  Thank you Mel and Adele.

New Staff - Moving forward, Kaye Jones and Leonie McGuren will be be coordinating the Uniform Shop.  Kaye will continue to open the shop on Wednesday mornings from 8:30am and Leonie will be assisting with a lot of the behind the scenes jobs.  We thank Leonie for volunteering to take on this role and for all of the work she and her husband Marcus have been doing in the background this term to help stream line the running of the uniform shop.

Sizing Day - In our endeavour to make things run as smooth as possible, we would like to try something new this year. From 8:30am-9:30am on the dates listed below, families are encouraged to come in and check out sizing of the uniforms and also pre-order for 2018.  This way you will know that your order will be here ready for the start of the 2018 school year.  This will also assist us to ensure that we are not over or under ordering.  The dates below are in Week 1 of Term 3.

Monday 17th July
Wednesday 19th July and
Friday 21st July

P&F Update

posted Jun 22, 2017, 6:49 AM by Principal account

EduDance Cake Stall - We are holding a cake stall to raise funds to purchase our Earth Worm Farm, Rainwater tanks, arbour, outdoor kitchen, potting station and seats for the nature garden. If you could bake a cake, cookies or slice we would love to sell them at the EduDance concert this Tuesday! 

Click here to access the cake stall flyer/  Click here to access the EduDance poster

With our grant we won through the City of Stirling this means we should be able to purchase most items by the end of Term 3! Part of the grant was going halves on the worm farm and rainwater tanks so as soon as the money comes through we would like to purchase these for the kids. We will start building the arbour, outdoor kitchen, potting station and seats at the end of Term 3.

Disco - Thank you so much to Carmel and Mel who lead the amazing year 6 parents to put on a spectacular Disco! The hall looked amazing, the disco was pumping with cool tunes and kids loved the sausage sizzle and lolly bags. A lot of hard work goes into putting on the Disco and we are so grateful to the parents who gave up their time and donated items. Although we like to break even with tickets sales on the disco we made $400 with donations covering a lot of the expenditure! This money has been used to purchase new soccer goals and 9 soccer balls! Click here for some photos of the night. 

New Sports Uniforms - A massive thank you to Leonie McGuren, Helen Riolo, Leesa Moran and Julie George who put massive hours in to getting the sports uniforms ready for the interschool sports and cross country carnival this week! We really appreciate you all doing this for the kids and they have never performed so well at a carnival. Clearly the best looking professionally dressed kids at the carnival (I am not bias). Thank you for supporting the P&F so we could raise the funds to purchase these. Click here to see how great they looked.

Entertainment Books - If you haven’t already done so could you please return any Entertainment books that you aren't purchasing to the front office as soon as possible, so we can receive our money. We are hoping to reach $1,000 on this fundraiser! Thanks for everyone who has purchased a book or multiple books!

Frozen Meals to Brighten Someone’s Day - We know there are always tough times when we need to help someone out due to difficult circumstances. Our lovely ladies on the P&F have cooked some more meals that are in the freezer to take if you know someone who needs them! No need to ask, we will just refill the freezer as needed. If you would like to donate a frozen meal, please email me and I can collect it from your child or pop it into the hall freezer. Thanks to all who have cooked a meal.

Edible Garden - We purchased $1,100 worth of equipment for the nature garden last week. 15 sets of garden tools, 30m retractable hose, 10 buckets, 4 plant trainers, 2 mini 4 tier greenhouses, 6 poly tunnels to cover the plants so we can keep the bugs out and a storage box to lock the items away and for the kids to sit on/ pot plants. Thank you again for supporting the P&F so we can buy these items for the school! They will be on display at the EduDance concert.

P&F Meeting - Thanks to our great turn out last week, with your class reps and community members coming along each week giving up their evenings and our new parent Kathryn who came along to join the team! We love new ideas and feedback from parents and appreciate the support. All members of the community are always welcome! A highlight was receiving data from the CEO that St Dominic’s School has made significant progress and growth in literacy, numeracy and writing compared to national average! In fact we were well above the average in most areas! Some point below from our meeting:
  • St Dominic's school community continues to provide meals, stored in freezer in hall for any family in need at any time. Feel free to take a meal or let your class rep / P&F rep know and they can discretely help you out :-) 
  • P&F continue to have a strong focus on raising funds that enhance our children's learning and experiences at school. Recently the P&F have contributed $1200 for resources to assist in the Edible Garden, funded $6000 for EduDance, $5 800 for Lego Mindstorm for our fantastic technologies program with another $2300 of tech on its way!, provided a doll house and figures to facilitate Social Work programs and supports for our children and we now have the amazing sports uniform kits for the kids to wear when representing our school (photos coming!) across all sporting codes. We are also looking at getting some soccer goals for the oval shortly. Most items will be on display at the Edudance concert for all parents to see! 
  • Building numbers at St Dominic's School - this is a high agenda item at the Board and there were detailed discussions at P&F too which were very reassuring.  
    • consultation and advice being received from the CEO marketing and promotion consultant 
    • extensive advertising plans via school banners now at either end of the school to advertise vacancies, letter drop already done, looking at another one soon, ad in Stirling Times, advertising at local daycares / 3 Year old Kindy programs, development of promotional video and new brochure / pamphlet, new website which is more easily 'searchable, continued posts on Facebook of achievements, great programs etc 
    • consideration of scholarship at Board level to attract new families 
    • discussed that enrolment numbers are low at many kindy programs across Perth 
  • Reassurance given from Leon about a concern raised by a few parents about a story that had somehow circulated to possibly blend 2 classes in 2018 eg. Year 5/6 - Leon confirmed that he is not sure where this rumour has come from but its not something that has been considered to date and is not Leon’s preference at all. Leon will also send a note out to the school community regarding this 
  • Fiona and Leon shared that they have received some data from the CEO that St Dominic’s School has made significant progress / more growth in literacy, numeracy, writing than expected as compared to national average!! More details to follow from Leon. Parent reflections were shared about better access at St Dominic's to individualised attention and supports for their children across all ability levels than available at other schools with huge classes. 
  • Uniform shop – Big thanks to Mel Musca and Adele Douglas who have now stepped away from this role. Uniform shop will now be run by Kaye in the front office. Still open wed mornings 
  • Netball / Basketball court repair and resurface – being considered at board level 
  • Nature playground – Brief gone to design company which included input from NaturePlayWA, teachers, students and parents; Aiming for term 3 holidays to get the playground installed or if not will be term 4 Xmas holidays. 
  • Look out for more details about the big event this year - the Colour Run in term 4!!! More details to follow later in the year

Free Dress Day on the Last Day of Term

posted Jun 22, 2017, 6:48 AM by Principal account

On the last day of term we will be having a free dress day. The Mini Vinnies group, who choose our themes and where the money goes, have decide to make this a no theme free dress day. The children are free to come in comfortable clothes of their choice. All that they ask is that each student brings in a gold coin donation that will go towards one of the charities we support throughout the year.

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