The Great Book Exchange on Friday

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The Great Book Exchange will be happening on Friday this week. To support the fundraiser, could your child please bring one or two books to school as well as$2 to purchase a book on Friday. All money raised will go to support the children of the Metta Geha orphanage in Myanmar.

Prayer - Thank you God for Books

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Dear God,

For the places books show us and the people we meet,
We say thank you God for books.
For fascinating facts and interesting information,
We say thank you God for books.
For creepy tales and funny stories,
We say thank you God for books.
For illustrations and cartoons,
We say thank you God for Books.
For books to read on a rainy day,
We say thank you God for books.
For all the titles we've yet to read,
We say thank you God for books.


Sunday Gospel Reflections

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This Sunday's Readings and Reflections - This site is wonderful at helping to reflect on and understand the weekly Gospel readings.

2017 Important Dates

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On our school website, under the information tab, you will find information regarding the Catholic Education System term dates for 2017. Here you will also find the student free days for 2017. Alternatively, you can click here to access the site.

This term we have one more pupil free day to be aware of:

Monday 28th August (Staff Catholic Day)

Under the same tab you will find our online term planner with all the events for 2017. Click here to go straight to the page. At the bottom of this planner you will find a link to a PDF copy of the Term 3 Parent Planner that can be downloaded and printed.

Spirit of Jesus Award Winners - Week 4 and 5

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Congratulations to the following students and staff members who were awarded the Spirit of Jesus Award for making Jesus real in our school at the end of last term:

Week 4
PP- Jake Doyle, Logan Wright, Sam Elliss
Year 1- Claire Snodgrass
Year 2- Alex Kingwell, Karen Willesee
Year 3- Jake O’Donnell, Jake Foster
Year 4- Matias Brockschlager, Matthew Barfoot, Matthew Zaknich
Year 5- Aidan Cremin, Alex Traianou Cardaci
Year 6- Michael Pethick, Evee Dennison

Relief Staff: Mrs Nicoli

Staff: Mrs Champion

Week 5
Year 2- Owen Wright, James Dyer
Year 3- Olivia Mallis, Mitchell South
Year 4- Ava Corke
Year 5- Dylan Nygren, Daniel von Perger, Rhys Masters
Year 6- Luca Boschetti, Daniel Sabbatino

Staff: Mr Bovell

St Dominic's School Athletics Carnival

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Last weeks School Athletics Carnival was a fantastic success with all the students enjoying the fun and excitement of the competition.  We were also very lucky with the weather, only having to bunker down for one small down pour in the middle of the day.  Thank you so much to the students, staff, P&F and families who assisted in making the day such a success.

Below are Champion Boys and Girls for Year 3 to 6

    Year 3 Champion Girl - Zari Dennison
    Year 3 Champion Boy - Talan George

    Year 4 Champion Girl - Molly Douglas
    Year 4 Champion Boy - Orlando Cvitan

    Year 5 Champion Girl - Estelle Keller
    Year 5 Champion Boy - Caleb Moran

    Year 6 Champion Girl - Ceilidh McKeague
    Year 6 Champion Boy - Henry Cleghorn

Overall Faction Results

    4th Ferrer
    3rd Lima
    2nd Aquinas
    1st Siena

Congratulations to everyone for the way they participated on the day and well done to all of those students who achieved individual success.

Mrs Thompson will be announcing the Year 3 to 6 Interschool Athletics Team on Tuesday and training for those in the team will commence on Thursday.  In the weeks leading up to the carnival, Mrs Thompson and Mr Bovell will be conducting training sessions on Tuesday and Thursday mornings commencing at 7:30am.  Tuesday's will for the jumps and throws and will be at school and Thursday's sessions will take place at Birralee Reserve for all running events.

Monday the 18th of September is the date of this year's Interschool Athletics Carnival.  This year St Dominic's School is hosting the event, so we will be in need of LOTS of adult helpers to cover all our allocated jobs.  If you are able to help out on the day please place this date in your calendar now and look out for future notes seeking your support.

Excellent Achievement in NAPLAN

posted Aug 21, 2017, 1:14 AM by Principal account

Preliminary 2017 NAPLAN results have been made available to schools, and we are thrilled with our collective achievement. Our school average was above the average of similar Catholic Education WA schools in all areas of testing in Year 3 and Year 5. Literacy has been a focus area for us over the past two years, and we were delighted to find that between 2015 and 2017, our current Year 5 students have made significantly higher growth in grammar and punctuation, reading and writing than the national average growth. We are very proud of our students, as well as the dedicated teaching and support staff and engaged parent community who support children to achieve their full potential in learning.

Students in Years 3 and 5 will receive their individual NAPLAN reports by the end of the term once they have been posted out to schools.

Sustainability Initiatives Continue at St Dominic's School

posted Aug 21, 2017, 1:14 AM by Principal account

Mobile Muster - We have organised for a mobile muster at our school as part of our sustainability endeavours. The box is located in the office next to the Woolworths box and you are welcome to drop of for recycling all brands of mobile phones, their batteries, chargers, accessories and mobile wireless broadband devices.

There are learning resources to access at if you are interested in promoting this further within your own homes.

Dry Cell Battery Recycling Program - We have also commenced a dry cell battery recycling program. Our bin has been delivered and is located in the staff workroom. Dry cell batteries such as AA, AAA (single use or rechargeable), C, D, button batteries, 9V and 6V can be collected.  If you would like to assist us with this recycling program please drop off your old batteries to the front office and they will be placed in the appropriate bin ready for collection.

Please note that lead acid batteries such as car batteries, laptop computer batteries and mobile phone batteries cannot be collected in this bin.

School Photo Day

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Coming home in your child's bag last week should have been a photo envelope for the up coming School Photo Day on Monday, 11th September. Every child in the school has received a specifically coded individual envelope with all the instructions clearly outlined on the front.

To assist with the first instruction 'This envelope MUST be handed to the photographer by each student on photo day (even if not buying photos)', we ask that you return all envelopes to the classroom teacher who will then forward them to the office. The office staff will bundle all envelopes into year groups, which will then be given to the class teacher on the day for distribution to the students. Please do note that all envelopes need to be returned, even if you are not purchasing photos. Any family photo envelopes that are collected from the office and returned will also be bundled up and given to the children on the day.

If paying in cash, please ensure that you have the correct money inside each envelope, as the office staff will not be opening the envelopes to check. Incorrect money may result in there being a delay with the printing of your photos.

Students are expected to wear their full winter uniform on the day, including their jumper.

To help us to ensure that the day runs as smooth as possible, we ask that you return your photo envelopes by Wednesday, 6th September.

Before School Duty

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We have noticed recently that a number of students are arriving to school extremely early.  8:15am is when our first duty commences for the day, with a staff member out in the courtyard looking after students who arrive before the classroom doors open at 8:30am.  We do appreciate that work and other family commitments may mean that you have to drop your children off early, which is why we added this duty to the roster last year.  However, please understand that prior to 8:15am the front gates may still be locked and that their will be no supervision until the teacher arrives on duty.  Your assistance with this is matter greatly appreciated.

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