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2018 Student Leadership Campaign and Speeches

posted Nov 27, 2017, 2:13 AM by Principal account
During Term Four, as part of the Humanities and Social Sciences: Civics and Citizenship learning area, the Year Five students have been learning about the Australian Election process, voting and the three levels of government. This topic has tied in perfectly with the 2018 Leadership Election Campaign that the Year Five students have participated in this term. The boys and girls had the opportunity to nominate themselves to run for Head Girl/ Head Boy or Sports Captain for their faction. Their nomination had to be supported by three people, where they had to provide signatures in support.

The students began the unit of work by learning about and conducting a few voting activities in the classroom i.e. 2018 leavers shirt design, team games to play and an art activity to represent an effective learning behaviour. They also participated in a persuasive speaking competition called ‘Raise Your Voice’, where they had to persuade the audience about a topic they were passionate about. Students created autobiographies to promote themselves as a leader, campaign posters to promote their policies using Pic Collage, iMovie to create a short advertisement about themselves and an advertising leaflet using Google Slides to hand out to students.

We were also very lucky to have Liza Harvey, a member for Scarborough Liberal party, to visit our classroom. She spoke to us about her role in Parliament and to inspire the Year 5 students about being a leader. The students all wrote five questions to ask her during her visit. It was a wonderful experience to have Mrs Harvey visit the classroom and answer their questions.

The 2018 Leadership Election Campaign took place on Monday 20th November. The students all presented persuasive speeches about why they would make a great leader to the students from Year One to Year Six. Afterwards, the students participated in voting for St Dominic’s future leaders using polling booths, ballot papers and posting their ballot paper into the ballot box. It was a wonderful experience for all students to participate in a school election, similar to the federal and state elections that occur in our country.

Good luck to all of the boys and girls in Year Five. The 2018 Leaders will be announced at the Graduation Mass held on Friday 8th of December.