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Academic All Stars - St Dominic's School Takes out First Place!

posted Jun 9, 2017, 2:04 AM by Principal account
On Wednesday 7th June, eight Year 5 students were selected to represent St Dominic’s School in an “Academic All Stars” interschool competition. The aim of this tournament was for students from local Catholic primary schools, to compete in academic activities, across several disciplines including Engineering, Art, Poetry, Mathematics, English, Drama and Chess.  Daniel von Perger, Estelle Keller, Cassianne Bouwer, Dylan Nygren, Aidan Cremin, Caleb Moran, Rhys Masters and Lachlan Doyle were selected and competed in teams of two, four and eight in the various events.  We won the General Knowledge discipline comprising of 50 questions and the Chess discipline. The students achieved many second and third place points in the other areas as well.  Overall, it was an extremely close competition between the six schools, but in the end, St Dominic’s School won first place!  We walked away with medals for all of the students and a trophy for the school, which is on display in the front office.  Here is what the students had to say about the day:

Daniel von Perger: ‘I think that the Academic Allstars tournament was really fun and challenging. It made us all think really hard’.

Estelle Keller: ‘It was fun and challenging at the same time. It also put me out of my comfort zone and encouraged me to do more!’

Cassianne Bouwer: ‘Yesterday was so much fun. We laughed so much and was so good to see other schools and meeting new people. The activities were challenging, but fun. I think it was awesome!’

Dylan Nygren: ‘Yesterday, it was really fun at the Academic Allstars tournament because Caleb and I made a maze with a robot!’

Aidan Cremin: ‘Yesterday at St. Thomas’, it was fun and challenging. It was a good competition for all of the schools and the students we met were nice.’

Caleb Moran: ‘Academic Allstars was a fun and enjoyable day because everyone was a good sport.’

Rhys Masters: ‘At the Academic Allstars, everyone was nice and the day was so much fun! It was also challenging and full of excitement!’

Lachlan Doyle: ‘The day was really nerve racking, but working with my friends in a team made it easier to work and achieve.’

A huge thank you to the students for their outstanding behaviour and for representing St Dominic’s School in a positive way.  Your hard work and contributions as a team really paid off.