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Mini Vinnies Excursion to the St Vincent de Paul Society Depot

posted Aug 4, 2017, 11:33 PM by Principal account
On Tuesday 1st August, the St Dominic’s Mini Vinnies team were lucky enough to go on an excursion to the St. Vincent de Paul Society depot, based in Canningvale. Here, we were met by Fiona, a Vinnies employer, who worked with us for the morning. We watched a couple of videos about homeless people in our country and also about people who are experiencing welfare issues like sickness and inability to work, family break downs, etc. Fiona took us on a tour of the depot and warehouse where all of the donations come from the blue St. Vincent de Paul Society bins around Perth and get sorted by employers and volunteers. We also had a browse in the attached Vinnies Op-Shop, which we all found to be a really interesting place to explore. After that, we participated in some brainstorming activities on how we could help fundraise for the St.Vincent de Paul Society as a school community. We wrote individual cards or letters of hope to the homeless people and made self-care kits which will be taken to a place for the homeless people to come and take one.

Overall, this excursion was a great way for the Mini Vinnies team to be immersed in the environment of the charity that we support in our school community, and to really see where our donations go and what they do with our donations for those in need. It was a very rewarding excursion for our students and one from which we took away a lot of key messages, such as respecting others, helping others and caring for others in need.

Below are some of the children's thoughts about the experience.

“It was really fun and interesting to about St. Vincent de Paul Society, and we really enjoyed it.” Daniel vP, Taij, Caleb, Dylan.

“Our Mini Vinnies team was inspired by what we saw at the St. Vincent de Paul depot. We learnt about the difference between homeless people and people who have welfare issues, and how we can help them.” Aidan, Harley, Harry, Lachlan

“On Tuesday 1st August, the Mini Vinnies people went to the St. Vincent de Paul depot in Canningvale. At the depot, a woman named Fiona introduced us to the place. The things that we did and saw were: we wrote a card/letter and made a self-care kit for a homeless person, we went into the warehouse where the Vinnies workers and volunteers sort out all of the clothes and toys that people donate and we went inside the Vinnies shop to look at some of the good for sale.” Kooper, Daniel S., Jacob, Preston.

“On the 1st August, we went on an excursion to the St. Vincent de Paul depot in Canningvale. We learnt about caring for the homeless and people on welfare, and how kind, loving and caring the St. Vincent de Paul workers and volunteers are.” Samara, Evee, Estelle.

“The Mini Vinnies went on an excursion to the St. Vincent de Paul workshop and had lots of fun. It was in Canningvale and we were lead by a lady called Fiona. We learnt about the differences between homeless people and people on welfare and we make self-care packs for some of the homeless people.” Rhys, Raphael, Matthew B

“I found it really fun and the best part was going to the workshop.” Rhys

“I enjoyed looking at the workshop and it was very interesting.” Raphael

“I really liked the experience of the op-shop and workshop.” Matthew B

“Our experience was the best. We learnt a lot about what they did to help the homeless and the people on welfare. We all loved the Vinnie Op-shop! We also wrote letters of hope to the homeless people and made up a bag of toiletries for them.” Cassianne, Ceilidh, Harriette, Jennifer.

The students also receive a glowing review from the team at the depot.  Such great ambassadors for our wonderful school.

I just wanted to say it was a privilege to have your Mini Vinnies attend on Tuesday. The group were enthusiastic and represented your school beautifully.

Hopefully they came away with a better understanding on how the society works and how they can help the community.
If you would ever like to bring other groups through please contact either myself or Dan.

Kind regards,

Fiona McGougan
Administration Assistant
St Vincent de Paul Society (WA) Inc