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P&F Final Update for 2017

posted Dec 7, 2017, 3:10 AM by Principal account
What a fantastic year we have had! We raised $11,812 and held so many amazing community events. The P&F and class reps couldn't be prouder of our parents! To top our year off we have a new breed of passionate parents stepping up to take on the role of class reps for each year group! What a great way to start 2018. Each class rep picked an event to help out the school at our last meeting and we are hoping for another big year to support the kids, with our main item being to explore, with the School Board, the possibility of re-surfacing the courts.

I would personally like to thank Helen, Leonie & Leesa who put up with my stupid ideas, over excitement and backing me when things went a little crazy. Without these 3 ladies support and numerous hours put in there would be no P&F. The fact they were crazy enough to re-elect for positions again this year, along with Michelle Haagman means we are in safe hands and will keep running at the same pace as the last few years. Please give them a high five along with your class reps as sometimes a random "thanks for doing a great job" from a parent was one of the main things that kept me going. We know it's not possible for everyone to help out due to circumstances but we always appreciate your support. We are very blessed with an enthusiastic school community and lovely parents.

A massive thanks also need to go to Year 3 who ran our nativity play extravaganza with class reps Lee & Julie! The class baked all the tasty treats, served your snow cones and fairy floss plus organised the pizzas to make a fantastic total of $529.90 for the school. It made our nativity play a very exciting night on the calendar and we also thought the drums and marimba the P&F purchased on the night sounded like liquid gold. Thanks to Mags & Liz and all the teachers for another amazing play and entertaining us with our truly gifted children's voices.

Over to 2018.... our first event is an outdoor movie night welcomer with our big event a bingo night halfway through the year. Year 3 will be running this event with each class helping out with some donations on the night for auction. We are also considering introducing a Dad's and kids sleep out at school for the weekend before Father's Day (more info to come).

We would like to thank some amazing people who gave up a lot of their time this year to benefit our kids and the school - our retiring class reps. Sinead, Michelle, Ang, Julie, Lee, Leesa, Carmel, Mellissa F, Melinda and Tania and thank our new brave volunteers of Amber, Jaye, Nat, Katie, Nina, Lorna, Helen, Mel O, Kathryn & Rachel. We would also like to put a special mention out to Amber who we may have cornered in the playground to be a class rep but we think she will do a brilliant job on the Mothers Day morning tea. Thanks also to Monique who is truly a champion and Fiona & Leon for supporting us and our ideas.

A list of the items we have purchased this year are below. The P&F want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and want to remind you that you are always welcome and wanted at our P&F meetings. See you next year for more fun!
  • Robotics Equipment - $8,549
  • Sports Uniforms for Interschool - $7,119
  • Music Equipment - Drums, Marimba, Stand - $3,958
  • Vege Patch - seedlings/mulch/compost/bins - $1,964
  • Misc Classroom Additions - Lego/couch/social worker support items/Kindy -$1,351
  • Maths room resources - $1,187
  • Sporting Equipment - Soccer Goals and Balls - $454
  • Sporting Equipment - New lower netball goals, nets - $769
  • Edu-dance - $5,084