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P&F Update - Purchase of many items for the kids

posted Sep 20, 2017, 11:32 PM by Principal account
Its been a very busy Term 3 with some amazing events. A massive thank you to Leesa, Chloe and the Year 5 parents for running the Father’s Day bacon and egg roll extravaganza. By having all the items donated we saved approximately $500, which we have invested back into the kids. They also arranged a magnificent raffle which raised $264 for the school (our family was very excited to win the signed Nic Nat/ Sam Mitchell beanie). 

I would like to thank Anthea, Rebecca, Amber, Nina and Donna, for donating their time to wrap all the Father’s Day presents so that the children could take home their beautifully wrapped gifts to hide. Also to Nina and Lorna who patiently waited while your children selected an item. We would like to send an enormous “Thank You” to Nina Cremin who has run the Father’s & Mother’s Day stall for many years. She carefully selects all the gifts and organises the wrapping and selection day. We appreciate you volunteering your time as it makes so many children and parents happy to have this service available. We will miss you next year. You’re a legend! On that note we are also very excited to announce Anthea and Justine have volunteered to take over from Nina next year – good luck ladies, you have some big boots to fill but we know you will do a brilliant job!

At our last P&F meeting we signed off on the purchase of $500 for a sensory kit to support attention and learning for all years, $600 for wobble stools, $520 for a conundrum table for Year 5, $350 for a mat for Year 1, $1,000 for netball skirts to complete the interschool sports kit. We also ordered the worm farm, compost bin and rainwater tanks. Netball rings at a lower height were approved to be added to the basketball rings at the side. We are liaising with the Parish about the possibility of organising for reticulation to be tunnelled under the kiss and ride driveway to the empty garden bed so that some landscaping can be done for the church. We have agreed to purchase seedlings of lettuce, tomato, capsicum, snow peas, cucumbers, strawberries, marigolds (for companion planting), herbs, basil, oregano, parsley and thyme to collaborate with the canteen next term and for classes to use as they need them. At the next meeting we are hoping to finalise a few more purchases before the end of the year.

Thank you to every family, your fundraising is making a big difference at the school!

The Colour Run promises to be a very fun and adventurous fundraiser for our school community. The Kindy year group are the steering committee for this event and have sent more information out this week. If everyone could get their forms in ASAP so that all the kid’s T-shirts can be ordered before the end of Term that would be great. There are some amazing prizes already donated! A huge thanks to Kindy, led by Michelle, for taking this on!

Our community meals program is continuing to be a highly valued resource supporting families when times get tough – if anyone can help by adding more meals to the freezer in the hall kitchen they would be greatly received! If you or anyone you now is in need, feel free to grab a meal from the freezer or let your year rep know and they will sort one out.

Our last P&F meeting was very fruitful – minutes of the meeting are attached here. We had another new face turn up to support us, don’t forget your always welcome at the P&F!

Finally a huge thank you from the P&F. Each class has given up their time to help out with an event that just wouldn’t be possible if everything was run by a small group on the P&F. We have had such amazing passion and thought put into the events to benefit our school and community. We feel so grateful each time an event is run by a year group that the school community comes together and supports each other. We are very grateful for your support and kind words to keep us going! Thank you.