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Spirit of Jesus Award Winners - Week 2 and 3

posted Oct 30, 2017, 2:59 AM by Principal account
Congratulations to the following students and staff members who have been awarded the Spirit of Jesus Award, for making Jesus real in our school:

Week 2
PP- Luke Gordon, Zachary Brennan, Oliver Ceic
Year 1- Nick Campbell, Claire Snodgrass
Year 2- Jamie Ledger
Year 3- Mitchell South, Jake O’Donnell, Jake Foster, Levi Afkos
Year 4- Jacob Gordon
Year 5- Daniel Ledger
Year 6- Kooper McGowan, Harry Hankinson

Staff- Miss Davis, Mr Sullivan, Mrs Capriotti

Week 3

Year 2- Tom Foster
Year 4- Raphael Felix
Year 5- Alex Cardiac, Harley Greer, Aidan Cremin, Dylan Nygren

Staff- Mrs James, Mr Bovell, Mrs Smith