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Founded on the Dominican tradition of truth, love and knowledge, our school endeavours to offer a caring and trusting environment which nurtures the dignity and potential of each community member.

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Change of Noongar Season – Birak (December and January)

Birak— First summer (season of the young) Birak season sees the rains ease up and the warm weather really start to take hold. The afternoons are cooled by the sea breezes that abound from the southwest. This was the fire season, a time to burn the country in mosaic patterns. An almost clockwork style of…


2024 Uniform Information and Reminders

The St Dominic’s School uniform continues to be available via JFE’s shopfront located at Unit 1, 85 Guthrie Street, Osbourne Park, or online via their website.  Further details, including opening hours and a link to their online website, can be found here on our school website. In preparation for next year, below is a link…


Seesaw Work Sample Download for Departing Students

If your child is leaving the school this year you may wish to download your child’s work samples from Seesaw as a keepsake. If you would like to do so, please access the Seesaw help page using the link below and follow the directions. Your child’s account will be available until the 12th January when…

School and office accessories on wooden background

2024 Booklist Levy Information

Following a successful introduction, we are pleased to share that the booklist levy will continue in 2024. Families will once again not be required to order, shop for, label or deliver booklist items to the school.   Teachers will have their classroom order delivered at the end of this year, allowing them to prepare and…

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