100 Days of School in Year 1!

On Tuesday, 3rd August (Week 3), we will be celebrating 100 days of being at school in Year 1!  Coming home this afternoon is a ziplock bag and a clue writing sheet.  It would be great if you could please find 100 of the same items at home (i.e. 100 leaves, 100 straws, 100 pieces of pasta etc) and assist your child to write 3 clues using lots of adjectives to describe the item they have used to show 100.  These will then be used to create a display.  The ziplock bags need to be handed in to the teacher by Friday, 30th July (end of Week 2).  There is a catch, the other students can not see what is in the bag.  Each child will read their clues out on the Tuesday of Week 3 and the class will try to guess the 100 objects.  This will be good practice to aid them in preparing for their descriptive news telling happening later this term.  Your help with this task is greatly appreciated.

The children are also encouraged to dress up on this day showing what they would look like if they were 100 years old!  This is not compulsory.

We will be doing lots of fun activities on this day as well to celebrate this special occasion.

Any questions regarding this event, please do not hesitate to contact me further.



Louise Smith/ Hannah Mearns

Year 1 Teachers