2019 Annual Community Meeting

An invitation is extended to parents, caregivers and friends of St Dominic’s School, to attend the 2019 Annual Community Meeting (ACM) of the School Board and Parents & Friends Association.  The meeting will take place on Thursday, 21st November in the School Hall, commencing at 5:00pm.  The meeting itself is an opportunity for the Board and P&F to outline to the community some of the activities that have taken place in 2019 and what is on the horizon for 2020.  The meeting will go for approximately half an hour and will be followed by light refreshments.  It is a wonderful opportunity for the St Dominic’s School community to come together and celebrate the work done by the Board and P&F in 2019.

At this meeting, the election of the 2020 School Board will also take place.  School Board members are elected for two year terms and can re-nominate for up to a further two terms (six years at the most).  Below is an outline of the current 2019 School Board.

Current School Board Membership

    • Chair:  Rebecca Barfoot (1st year of 2nd term completed – CONTINUING in 2020)
    • Treasurer:  Marcus McGuren (1st year of 2nd term completed – CONTINUING in 2020)
    • Secretary:  Donna Stambulich (2nd year of 1st term completed – RETIRED in 2019)
    • Board Member:  Scott Haagman (2nd year of 1st term completed – RE-NOMINATING)
    • Board Member:  Sam Bennett (2nd year of 1st term completed – RE-NOMINATING)

Ex Officio Members of the School Board

    • Principal:  Leon Bolding
    • Parish Priest:  Fr Bernard Lanarolle

Representatives from other Committees

    • P&F Representative:  Rachel Campbel (nominated by the P&F each year)
    • Parish Council Representative:  Therese Dabbs (nominated by the Parish each year)

Nominations from suitable candidates, in addition to our two renominating members, are welcomed.  Below is the criteria for membership and a link to the constitution that governs all Catholic School Boards in Western Australia.

Criteria for Membership (as outlined in the Constitution for Catholic School Boards in Western Australia)

  • possession of special skills that will be an asset to the Board;
  • a deep interest in the welfare of all students and staff;
  • a desire to give service to the Catholic School Community;
  • a keenness to promote Catholic schooling;
  • an ability to work cooperatively and constructively with all other members of the Board; and
  • a sufficiency of time to devote to Board activities (meetings are held twice a term commencing at 7:00pm for approximately one hour).

Constitution for Catholic School Boards in Western Australia 

To be considered for a position on the School Board, interested community members are asked to complete the nomination form linked below, by Friday, 15th November.  If more nominations are received than positions available, a vote will be held during the meeting.

We look forward to seeing you on the night.


Online Nomination Form


Mr Leon Bolding