Please Update Family Details

As noted in our last eNewsletter, we had planned to send home a copy of the current information we have on file for your family.  Unfortunately, due to technical issues, we are not able to print the report at this time.

If any of the following information has changed for your family since enrolment, please send an email to informing us of your current details by Friday, 23rd February.

  • Your address
  • Email address of parents/ carers
  • Contact number of parents/ carers
  • Emergency contacts
  • Your occupation and educational qualifications (in very broad terms)
  • Medical details (including medical conditions and GP details)

If there are no changes, then no action is required.

For a reminder of the previous post, please click the link:


Please Check and Update Family Details


Thank you for assisting us to keep your family details up to date.


Leon Bolding