2024 Student Background Data – Change of Details

St Dominic’s School, along with all Catholic, independent and government schools in Australia, is required to collect the below information from families on behalf of the Australian Curriculum and Reporting Authority (ACARA).  The student background information is incorporated into the Socio Educational Advantage (SEA) model, which contributes to our schools level of funding.

  • the sex of your child;
  • the country of birth of your child;
  • the indigenous status of your child;
  • your occupation and educational qualifications (in very broad terms); and
  • the main languages spoken at home by yourself and your child.

This information has been provided by parents and guardians when the child first enrolled at St Dominic’s. If there are changes to your situation since enrolment, please complete the form via the following link by Wednesday, 17th April. If your information has not changed or if it has been updated since enrolment (eg. address, employment), you do not need to complete this form.

Collected information will be confidential and used for its intended purpose only. All data is used anonymously, and no individual person or school will be identifiable and linked with the results.

Capturing languages and dialects spoken at home is important for recognising and celebrating the richness and diversity of culture of students at St Dominic’s and to provide them with relevant support (if required) and to ensure a culturally and linguistic responsive environment and resources. It is important for the school to identify:

  • students who speak another language or dialect as well as parents/guardians who speak another language or dialect at home, as this indicates that the student has a Language Background Other Than English (LBOTE). Dialects include dialects of English such as Pakistani English, Singaporean English, Ugandan English, etc.
  • students who speak Aboriginal English. Aboriginal English is the name given to the various kinds of English spoken by the majority of Aboriginal students from urban, rural and remote areas of Australia and is a powerful vehicle for the expression of Aboriginal connection and identity.

All results are reported in terms of the total number of students in various ranges and categories.  No personal information is reported and as a consequence no individual or individual school is identifiable in the analysis.

Parents and guardians are welcome to contact me to discuss any issues relating to the collection of this information.  More information on the collection of student background data is available here on the ACARA website – https://www.acara.edu.au/reporting/data-standards-manual-student-background-characteristics.

Thank you for assisting us to keep your family details up to date.


Updated Details Form



Leon Bolding