2022 D’ukes Wrap up

Well, what can I say about the dynamic D’ukes! This club commenced in 2019 and has grown and developed over the last few years.  Students from Years 4-6 got up early every Friday morning to play, sing and learn a new skill.  It was such a wonderful way to end the week and we always left the session in joyful spirits!  The students have come a long way; no one knew how to hold a ukulele in the beginning, (including me!)  It has been wonderful to witness the children develop a new skill and have so much fun along the way.  Father’s Day Breakfasts and Nativities provided opportunities for the members to display their talents.  Awesome work D’ukes!  Keep playing!  I will miss my Friday mornings.  

Advice from a ukulele player – play well with others, pick your words wisely, make each day an aloha day, follow your inner song, keep strummin’ through life, don’t fret the small stuff, uke can do it!  




Mags James 

D’ukes Club Organsier