Charlotte’s Real World Clothing Waste Solution – Can you help?

My name is Charlotte and I am from Year 6.
In technology’s class we had to think of a real world problem and come up with a solution. My problem is clothing waste, did you know that 57% of all the clothes we throw away in Australia each year goes to landfill while only 8% gets reused.

My solution to this problem is clothing bins two of them each bin has a different purpose but they both relate to landfill. I hope to abolish clothing waste. I have talked to Mr Bolding and he is all for it.

You can find the bins just outside the office. The bins will be there from about 8:20am every morning and will be their until about 5:00pm in the afternoon. Both of the bins have signs on them that explain what they are for.

Some important mentions about these bins are: 1, please wash clothes before putting them in. 2, no underwear, shoes or socks. 3, these are not rubbish bins please do not throw rubbish in these bins and 4, only kids clothes please.

These bins will be in place for three weeks. If there is a multitude of clothes at the end of the term the bin that has good condition clothes its contents will be donated to St. Vincent De Paul and any clothes that are in the other bin I will take some home and the rest will be put to good use.

Please donate to raise awareness about clothing waste.




Year 6 Student