Another Successful Rice Day!

The staff and students did a wonderful job last Friday, raising much needed funds for the children up in the Chin Hills at the MettGeha Orphanage. They managed to get through 9 kg of rice! There were no complaints about the canteen menu as they eagerly lined up for their plain rice, many coming back for seconds! Thank you to the families who donated a cooker and to Morris Place IGA who kindly donated the rice.

We are proud of the children at St Dominic’s, each student is demonstrating the qualities of a young person who is becoming socially aware and putting ideas into action to make a difference in the world.

Along with money carried over from our last Free Dress Day, we now have $825 to go towards the education fund at MettGeha. The children are so appreciative of our generous donations and we look forward to continuing our connection and supporting the beautiful children of Myanmar.

Click on the link below to see a few photos from the day.

Rice Day Photos