Can you Help Pia Schwenke and the Majella Catholic Primary School Soccer Team?

Are you able to assist Pia Schwenke (St Dominic’s parent and teacher at Majella CPS) and the Majella Catholic Primary School Soccer Team?

The senior boys at Majella Catholic Primary School won the soccer competition at the Interschool Winter Carnival last term and have qualified to participate in the Northern Regional Soccer Championship next Thursday, 28th July.  The students are encouraged to wear soccer/ football boots, however, there are 8 students who don’t have boots and financing the purchase of new boots would be difficult for their families.  If your family has any old/ used soccer or footy boots that you would be willing to donate to the boys, it would greatly appreciated.  Sizes range from 5 to 10.5.  Any donations can be dropped at the office on Monday or Tuesday, where Pia will collect them from and then deliver them to the boys at Majella.

Any spare shin pads would also be greatly appreciated too.



Leon Bolding