Craft Club Request

Members of the Craft Club have been busy this term making Christmas cards for the seniors who reside at Bethanie and Birralee. We are also looking forward to designing and making the decorations for the Nativity play. Therefore, we are putting a call out for donations of coloured card (any size-bigger the better!), tinsel, old Christmas cards, balloons, paper doilies, disposable cups, scrapbooking paper/card and any other decorations you think would be useful.

The colour theme is RED, WHITE and SILVER so, please send along the listed items in these colours (patterns are ok on scrapbooking paper if they are predominantly those colours)

Donations can be sent to the Resource Room (next to the STEM Room).

Thank you for your support, we look forward to creating a wonderful set for the Nativity!



Peta Kelly, Sue Capriotti and Mags James

Craft Club Coordinators