2024 Easter Message and Outline of Easter Liturgies – Fr Bernard

Life is very hard for many people at the moment. All over the world and very close to home we see hardship, suffering and struggle. Some of it we bring on ourselves by our own choices, but a lot of it is the result of human pride, greed and violence.

As a result there is so much fear and anxiety felt by so many people right now. Is there any way through all this hardship? Is there any way to peace? Easter is the celebration of new life, of the real possibility of healing in our troubled world. With the raising of Jesus from the dead, God has made a new beginning for his whole creation. But the trouble for us can be that we keep seeing Easter as belonging to the past.

We can easily think of Jesus rising from the dead on Easter Sunday morning, and not realise that Easter is now!  Jesus the Living One is alive and active in our lives and in our world today. Even in our violent and fractured world; even in our battered and bruised church; even in our personal and family life, the power of the Risen One is still here and active with us.

The Risen One still brings mourners joy, He still casts out hatred and brings some peace into all our turmoil. If we look around us this Easter we will see the signs of new life.

The Risen Jesus lives among us bringing hope of forgiveness and love that heals our broken world.

Please feel most welcome to all our parish family celebrations during Holy Week. I especially invite parents to bring their children to the Easter Vigil Service, where we will have a special prayer time for children and a bonfire followed by supper. Everyone is welcome!


Easter Liturgies 2024: Holy Week and Easter


Holy Thursday: Mass of the Lord’s Supper

March 28 OLGC Karrinyup 6.00pm

Good Friday: Stations of the Cross

March 29 OLGC Karrinyup 9.00am

March 29 St Dominic’s Innaloo 10.30am

Good Friday: Commemoration of the Lord’s Passion

March 29 St Dominic’s Innaloo 3.00pm

Holy Saturday: Easter Vigil Mass

March 30 St Dominic’s Innaloo 6.00pm

(Mass will be celebrated at St Dominic’s Church followed by a shared supper)

Easter Sunday: Easter Mass

March 31 OLGC Karrinyup 8.00am

March 31 St Dominic’s Innaloo 9.30am


Happy and blessed Easter to you and your family.



Fr Bernard Lanarolle

Parish Priest


Ph: 9245 3899