Year 4 to 6 Ukulele Club Recommences on Friday, 6th March

Due to the amazing success of D’ukes last year, the ukulele club will continue to run in 2020. Students from Years 4-6 are invited to join.  

There are so many reasons why a ukulele is a great choice of instrument! Here are just a few… 

  1. It’s relatively inexpensive compared to other instruments 
  2. It’s portable and small enough for young students 
  3. It can be either a solo or an ensemble instrument 
  4. It’s an excellent tool for developing ear training and teaching music theory 
  5. It’s cross-cultural 
  6. You can sing and play at the same time! 

If your child already owns a ukulele, please bring it along to the first session. Some uke’s are not suitable for playing in a group as they cannot be tuned. I will check this when they bring it along to their first session.  

If you need to purchase one there will be ukuleles available to purchase or hire. The cost to purchase outright is $35. If your preference is to hire the cost is $10.  Please note that if the hired ukulele is damaged or lost the remaining $25 will need to be paid for a replacement. The students will need to purchase their own display folder to keep their music organised 

The emphasis is on fun! The benefits of belonging to a club AND playing music are numerous! I appreciate that the children may have different abilities when it comes to music, however, hopefully they will learn to further develop their skills in this area. The Ukulele Club will meet in the music room every Friday morning, 7.45am-8.30am, with our first session commencing after swimming- Friday, 6th March (Week 5 of Term 1). 

If your child is interested in being a part of the club in 2020, please complete the online form linked below by Wednesday 26th February.  

Online Application Form



Mrs Margaret James

Ukulele Club Coordinator