Harmony Week Celebrations – Assembly and dress up day

This Friday, 15th March, marks the beginning of our Harmony Week celebrations at St Dominic’s. Harmony Day is all about appreciating, respecting and celebrating cultural diversity within Australia – from the first Australians to the integration of the newest arrivals.

Celebrations will begin with a short liturgy and introduction to Harmony Week presented by the Year 2s at this Friday’s assembly. Learning experiences will continue in the classroom with stories and activities related to multiculturalism and what it means to treat everyone as equals no matter their religion, race, traditions or culture.

Next Wednesday, 20th March, the students will be invited to come to school dressed in traditional cultural dress. Children who do not have a cultural dress are encouraged to wear orange; the official colour of Harmony Week.

If you have any questions relating to the celebration in general or about the celebration here at St Dominic’s, please contact the Year 2 teacher, Miriam Peake.