National Sorry Day Prayer Service

Tuesday the 26th of May was National Sorry Day; a day where we as Australians recognise the wrongdoings of the past.  This year’s theme is ‘In This Together’.  National Reconciliation Week is about non-Aboriginal and Aboriginal people coming together to celebrate respectful relationships they share through a process or truth, justice and reconciliation.

National Reconciliation Week’s theme was apt considering the theme for Covid-19 is ‘Row Together’.  To mark this occasion, our Year 3 class presented a prayer service using Microsoft Teams, which was streamed into classrooms across the school.  We were also lucky enough to be joined by Father Bernard, who has been unable to visit the site due to Covid-19.  We are looking forward to spending more time with him as the term progresses.

A big thank you to Year 3 and Miss Matrenza for organising the prayer service.  As Jaden said, the word ‘sorry’ is such a small word that can do so much good.




Alex Paljetak

Assistant Principal