ONE School MANY Cultures Community Event – Thursday 16th November


We are excited to announce that our multicultural family networking group are organising a family event to celebrate the United Nations ‘Day of Tolerance’ on Thursday, 16th November.  The event will take place on the oval straight after school and conclude at 5:00pm.  The afternoon is an opportunity to spend time with other families whilst celebrating the multicultural St Dominic’s community.  Everyone is invited!

This event was borne from the very popular ‘Celebrating and Supporting Cultural Diversity’ morning teas, which are regularly held amongst our multicultural families.  We are so proud that this initiative helped unite our families and has inspired them to encourage everyone to celebrate their cultural uniqueness within our school community.

Please bring :

  • Your family
  • A plate of food from your culture to share
  • Drinks for your own family
  • A picnic blanket/chairs to sit on
  • Your national flag if you have one

Please wear :

  • Feel free to wear clothes that represent your culture

Activities :

  • Food to eat
  • Facepainting (including national flags)
  • Ball games
  • Music and dancing

If you are planning on attending this event, we ask that you take the time to complete the online RSVP form link below by Tuesday, 14th November.  

Please be aware that children with allergies should be monitored closely by families as we cannot guarantee the ingredients of foods shared by families.

If you would like to know more about this wonderful event or offer your assistance with the organising, please contact Nataly Goncalves via email


Online RSVP Form



Leon Bolding (on behalf of the organising committee)