Online Canteen Ordering is Now Available!

Over the past term we have been working on developing an online canteen ordering system that would be available via our school website.  This work has now been completed and a new icon has been placed on our school’s website homepage.  Clicking on this new grey tile will take you directly to the online order form.  Alternatively, you can access the form by choosing the ‘Canteen’ option from the ‘Family’ pull down menu.

The new online form enables families to purchase items using their credit card from any internet connected device.  Completed forms are emailed directly to the canteen manager who will then process the orders and prepare the food for the day.

Below are some important points to remember when using the new online system.

  • All orders MUST be completed by 9:00am on the day you wish your child to receive a recess or lunch item.
  • A seperate order form is required for each day and for each child.
  • Orders can be placed in advance by choosing the required date on the form.  Please select the date carefully as the date chosen will be the date the order is processed.
  • After clicking submit, please ensure that the form processes correctly without any errors.  The page will refresh and inform you if any errors have occurred or if your order has been successful.
  • A receipt will be emailed to your inbox confirming that payment has been made successfully.

The form is now live and trialling of the new system will commence this week (Week 9).  If you experience any issues accessing or using the form, please contact the office and we will help you through the process.  If you have any feedback that may help us to improve the system, please share your feedback via the form linked below.

Following a hopefully successful implementation of the online canteen ordering form, we will look to offer a similar system for the uniform shop in Term 4.

Please note that orders can still be placed over the counter in the morning before 9:00am.


New Online Canteen Order Form

Canteen Order Form Feedback




Leon Bolding