Patron Saint Afternoon Wrap Up

On Friday, 12th November, 2021, St Dominic’s School celebrated our Faction Patron Saints.  We acknowledged Saint Rose of Lima, Saint Ferrer, Saint Aquinas, and Saint Catherine of Siena.  The Faction Captains did an excellent job at helping to organise and run the afternoon, along with sharing some interesting facts about their Faction Patron Saint with the school.  After lunch, the students were split into their faction groups and engaged in several fun activities to promote team spirit within their faction.  Finally, we finished with some icy poles to celebrate the great afternoon that was.

Additionally, we raised $231 for the Mini Vinnies Team, who will donate the money to Wheelchairs for Kids this week.  So thank you to everyone for your generous donations at the “Throw a Water Balloon at a Teacher” station.


Patron Saint Afternoon Photo Gallery



Hannah Mearns and Rochelle Brush,

Faction Patron Saints Day Coordinators