Preparing for 2020 – Transition afternoon and other initiatives

In partnership with you, we are committed to ensuring that every child’s transition from one year to the next goes as smoothly as possible.  Below are some of the ways in which we support this transition here at St Dominic’s.

Transition Afternoon – On Monday afternoon the students will be spending time in their new 2020 classrooms.  The afternoon is an opportunity for students to visit their new rooms, engage in a fun activity and hear a little bit about what to expect next year.  In most cases students will also be meeting their new classroom teacher.  This is a wonderful opportunity for the students and staff to get to know each other before the start of the new school year.

Pre Primary – Over the past two weeks, the Pre Primary students have been slowly transitioning to the big playground during selected recesses and lunchtimes.  With additional staff support, the Pre Primary students have been exploring the playgrounds and finding out where things like the drink fountains and toilets are located.

Handover Document – Each year teachers spend a considerable amount of time preparing a handover document for the next teacher.  The document covers a vast range of information and is used to share the extensive knowledge your child’s current teacher has about them with their new teacher.  As well as preparing and handing over this document, time is also set aside in Week 10 for staff to meet and talk about each individual child.  Staff new to St Dominic’s in 2020 will also be part of these meetings in the final week.

Over the holidays you may wish to find time to talk to your child about their new classroom and teacher, and once the year starts do not hesitate to book in a time to meet with the teacher and discuss your child’s social, emotional and educational strengths and weaknesses.

We are all looking forward to a new year full of learning, fun and great memories!



Leon Bolding