Project Compassion Week 4 – Sakun’s Story

Fourth Week of Lent
(School week beginning 22nd March)

Sakun lives in a village in central north India. She developed polio as a child and has difficulty walking. Until now Sakun, an indigenous Gond woman, has been isolated in her community, unable to earn a livelihood and without knowledge of government schemes that could help her.

In 2018, Sakun joined a Caritas Australia-funded program which is implemented by Caritas India and its local partner, Samarthan. With your help Sakun now earns her own income and makes a small profit which goes towards her family’s basic needs. She is more resilient, more confident and more independent.  Watch a short film about Sakun’s story.

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  • In India, over 70 million people live on less than US$1.90 per day.*


Project Compassion Week 4 – Sakun's Story



Alex Paljetak

Assistant Principal