Rainbows Program

Last week, Mrs Ford sent home a letter regarding the Rainbows program she runs for students here at St Dominic’s School in Year 2 to 6.  The due date for the return of these letters was today, however, we would like to extend the closing date until next Monday, 25th February, to ensure families have enough time to express their interest in the program.  You can simply return the form sent home last week or complete the expression of interest online form located below.  A new letter can then be forwarded to families for signing.

Expression of Interest Form

What is the Rainbows Program?

Rainbows is for children who have experienced or are experiencing a significant change or loss in their life, for example: the death of a loved one, family breakdown, illness or disability in their family, family relocation and in some circumstances fly in/fly out arrangements.

The Rainbows program aims at giving children an opportunity to work through their grief. It aims to help them sort through confusion, deal with feelings, regain self-esteem and get on with being a child. It is peer driven and facilitated by Mrs Ford as group leader.

The Rainbows program will be conducted with small groups of children of similar ages and consists of ten weekly sessions. Sessions last for 40 minutes and are conducted during school hours.  If you would like more information about the program, please contact Mrs Ford at school on Monday’s.