Raise Your Voice Wrap Up and Results

On Thursday, 17th November, St Dominic’s held the annual ‘Raise Your Voice’ Competition.

This event is an opportunity for students in Year 5 and 6 to practice their Public Speaking skills in front of a wider audience.  Students from St Dominic’s, St John’s, Scarborough and Our Lady of Good Counsel joined the competition.  Students who represented St Dominic’s were:

Kate D, who spoke about Detention Centres

Alice C, who spoke about Animal Misconceptions

Christopher R, who spoke about the atrocities of war

Luke O, who spoke about the benefits of surf lifesaving

Alyssa W, who spoke about why children should learn self-defence

Sophia V, who opened the event and spoke about the importance of reading

Students were allowed to choose any topic to speak about.  Each speech ran for 3 minutes in front of an audience that included students, teachers and parents.

We are so proud of how our St Dominic’s students represented the schooll.  Public speaking is never easy, even for adults.  Our students were cool, calm and collected, and delivered outstanding speeches that were well researched.  Their passion for what they spoke about really shone through in their speeches.

Raise Your Voice Competition Photo Gallery



Kylie Phillips, Stirling Bovell, Sandra Gioffre and Danielle Rimmer

Raise Your Voice Coordinators