Rice Day Information – Friday, 22nd March

On Friday, 22nd March, we will be having our annual Rice Day. The purpose of this day is to help our children experience, in a small way, the daily struggles many children experience every day and to raise funds for children less fortunate than ourselves.  

Last year Rice Day was very successful, and funds raised went towards our annual pledge for the children of Metta Geha Orphanage in Myanmar. I hope that all students will participate again this year so that we can raise funds to support the educational needs of the children at the orphanage.  

If your child is not going to participate, please provide an alternative lunch. The canteen WILL NOT be open for recess or lunch on this day. Students are also asked to drink only water on this day. 

What to bring: 

  • $5  
  • A plastic bowl 
  • A fork or a spoon 
  • A plastic bag  
  • A piece of fruit (for recess) 
  • A water bottle  

 If you can help with providing a rice cooker, please complete the online form below located below. 

 Rice Cooker Form

Thank you for your support,  

Mags James