Saint Vincent Ferrer Feast Day

Wednesday, 5th April was the Feast Day of one of our Faction Saints, Saint Vincent Ferrer.

Vincent Ferrer was born in Spain around 1350 and was raised by parents who taught him the importance of his religious duties, as well as his education and caring for the poor.  At the age of 18, Vincent joined the Dominican order of preachers and shared the Gospel throughout Europe.

Vincent became known for his gift of preaching and prophecy.  His sermons drew large crowds, often inspiring Catholics to renew their faith and others to be Baptised.

Vincent lived a life of poverty, accepting no donations for himself except for what was needed for his survival.  His missionary work included helping the poor and distributing food.

Saint Vincent Ferrer was canonised in 1455 and can be an example to all of us, inspiring us to find ways to spread the Gospel message to others.




St Dominic’s School Leadership Team