St Dominic’s Day of Kindness Wrap up

Last Friday at St Dominic’s, we celebrated a Day of Kindness in conjunction with our URSTRONG whole-school Friendology program.

Students participated in a variety of ‘kindness’ activities including kindness jars, sprinkling kindness, random acts of kindness, friendship bracelets and kindness brainstorming. Each child also enjoyed decorating a colourful rock to be used in a very special Kindness Rock Garden at our school, and Year 1 friendship ninjas were placed on the school hall windows.

Thank you to our URSTRONG coordinators for organising such a wonderful day for the whole school to enjoy! A special thanks goes out to Mrs Jacobs for baking delicious ‘kindness’ cookies for all our students, and the P&F for providing staff with fresh coffee to have with their morning tea!

There were many acts of kindness and friendship displayed throughout the day, so much so, the ripple effect spread across the entire school.

We are so proud to be a URSTRONG School, empowering your children with friendship skills through this award-winning Friendology curriculum.


St Dominic’s Day of Kindness Photo Gallery



Leon Bolding