St Dominic’s School Climate Survey Initial Information

This year, St Dominic’s School will be taking part in a school climate survey that will be issued to all parents, staff and students.  This will be an online survey run by ‘National School Improvement Partnerships‘, which all families will have the ability to complete over the coming weeks.  More detailed information about the survey and how to access it online will be coming home this week, however, the information below may assist in the first instance, with understanding the intent and structure of the survey:

  • This survey is to find out about the climate at THIS school – St Dominic’s School.
  • The importance of the survey is an opportunity for parents to tell the school staff how things are going for you and your children.
  • The feedback will be anonymous and does NOT include the data of individuals; rather, feedback involves a graph based on feedback from all parents.  To ensure anonymity, aggregated scores are not provided for groups of less than four parents.
  • It is your overall impression that we are seeking and looking to gather.  There are no right or wrong answers, and the information will help us direct St Dominic’s School into the future.
  • The response format requires you to consider how often each statement takes place in terms of: Almost Never, Rarely, Sometimes, Often and Almost Always



Leon Bolding