St Dominic’s School Colour Fun Run (Thursday, 24th October 2019) – Sponsorship Form/ Additional Information

Thank you for your efforts in fundraising for the St Dominic’s School Colour Run.  On the day, students will run around a course on the oval for 15 minutes and have coloured corn starch thrown onto the lower half of their body.  In the 15 minutes they are required to run as many laps as possible. Parents are welcome to come along and watch the fun!


Use the form attached below (this form is also coming home as a hard copy with your child today) to record your donations from family, friends and relatives and the zip lock bag to collect the cash.

For every $5 that your sponsor donates, it gives them a chance to be part of a raffle of their choice.  These raffles are on the attached sheet with a raffle number next to it.  When completing the form, the sponsor can choose the raffle of their choice.

On the day you will receive the following in your pack:

  • T-shirt
  • Wristband
  • Snack Pack, Fruit and icypole (after the event)

You may also want to bring along the following:

  • Extra pants/ shorts to run in (preferably not school uniform)
  • Towel to clean off with after the event.
  • Extra clothes to get changed into afterwards.
  • Goggles or glasses to wear during the event (the corn starch is harmless, however, if you feel you would like the protection on the eyes then please bring them along)

Your sponsorship form and money must be handed in no later than Wednesday, 30th of October to be entered into the raffles which will be drawn on Monday, 4th November at the Monday Assembly. Winners of the highest fundraisers will also be announced this day.

Some of the prizes up for grabs include:

  1. The Beach House 5 entry passes
  2. Timezone vouchers
  3. Smiggle Stationary Sets
  4. MBA Sports Coaching Holiday Camp Passes
  5. Rebel Sports vouchers
  6. ITunes Voucher
  7. Event Cinema tickets
  8. I Play Family Packs
  9. Family passes To Scarborough beach pools
  10. Inflatable worlds Entry Passes
  11. Leederville Cameras Vouchers
  12. Lazer X Gaming Double pack

And Many More!


Sponsorship Form/ Additional Information



St Dominic’s School P&F


NB: This is not a compulsory event, participation is optional.