St Dominic’s School Cross Country Event – Friday, 7th August

As has been advertised via previous communications, on Friday, 7th August, we will be conducting our St Dominic’s Cross Country Event at Birralee Reserve.  All students from Year 1 – 6 will be participating (every finisher earns a point for their faction!) and the event will also serve as a selection trial for Year 3 – 6 students to compete at the Interschool Cross-Country competition in Term 4.  The top 5 girls and boys in these year groups will earn selection to the St Dominic’s Cross-Country team.

Below you will find information regarding the race start times and distances for each year level.  Students will be required to wear their faction shirts on the day of the event.

We are seeking parent helpers to assist on the day.  If you are able to help out, for even just a small portion of the day, your help would be greatly appreciated.  Below is a link to a volunteer form with additional support options. I will be in touch closer to the event with details regarding helping on the day.

Cross Country Helper Form

On the day, students will be walked down to Birralee Reserve with their teachers. Below are the race distances and rough starting times. Girls will run the first race for their year level.

Race Distances (approximately). These align with the Interschool Cross Country distances.

  • Year 1 and 2               500m
  • Year 3                         1km
  • Year 4                         1.25
  • Year 5                         1.75
  • Year 6                         2km

Race Start Times (as mentioned previously, we will adhere to these times as closely as possible to enable parents to come along and watch their child/ren)

  • Year 4                         10:00am
  • Year 5                         11.10am
  • Year 6                         11.50pm
  • Year 1                         1.30pm
  • Year 2                         2.00pm
  • Year 3                         2.30pm

Champion medallions and place getter ribbons will be awarded at the venue immediately after the event. The winning faction will be announced at the Monday morning assembly after the event.  All winners will be acknowledge at the Whole School Assembly in Week 6.



Alex Paljetak

Assistant Principal/ Sports Teacher