Stations of the Cross Liturgy – Friday at 2:00pm

You are invited to come and observe the Stations of the Cross dramatic tableau undertaken by the Year 5/6 Class for 2019.

It will be a solemn reminder of Our Lord’s Passion, and the tremendous sacrifice Jesus undertook for our redemption.

The portrayal of the Stations of the Cross will take place on the final day of Term 1 – Friday, April 12th– in the St Dominic’s School Hall at 2:00pm.

Pope Francis provides 8 reasons as to why we should pray the Stations of the Cross:

  1. They allow us to place our trust in Jesus
  2. The put us into the story – Jesus is looking at you now and is asking: Do you want to help me carry the Cross?
  3. They remind us that Jesus suffers with us
  4. They compel us to action – teaching us always to look upon others with mercy and tenderness, especially those who suffer
  5. They help us make a decision for or against Christ
  6. They reveal God’s response to evil in the world – through love, mercy, and forgiveness
  7. They give us the certainty of God’s love for us
  8. They guide us from the Cross to the resurrection

We look forward to seeing members of our school and church community prayerfully reflect on the Stations of the Cross with us on Friday, April 12that 2:00pm in the St Dominic’s School Hall.

Mr Joe Sullivan
Year 5/6 Teacher