School Counsellor Staffing Update

You may be aware that Nicole Leach, our School Counsellor, works across three local Catholic schools, spending two days at each of the other schools and one day with us each week.  On top of her full-time work load, Nicole is also undertaking further university studies.  Unfortunately, this enormous work load has become to much and Nicole has made the difficult decision to step down from her much loved position here at St Dominic’s.  Nicole plans to continue working at the other two schools, however, she will now be using her Monday’s to get on top of her studies.  Nicole’s final day at St Dominic’s will be Tuesday, 16th August.

Nicole has had such a positive impact on our school community and has supported many students, staff and community members during her time at St Dominic’s.  We wish her all the very best for all that the future holds.  Thank you, Nicole!

The process of finding a new School Counsellor has already begun and the news of the new appointment will be shared with the school community as soon as it is complete.



Leon Bolding