Year 3 – 6 St Dominic’s School Choir Commencing on Wednesday 10th August

Thank you to everyone who has expressed their child’s interest in joining the St Dominic’s School Choir.  I’m happy to share that we have received enough enrolments and will commence in Week 4 (next week) on Wednesday, 10th August and continue to run every week during term time!

Can all enrolled students please meet me in the library at 7:45am.  Can I please also ask each student to bring a song suggestion written down on a piece of paper.  It would be great to see what everyone likes to sing!

If you missed the original post and would like to register your child’s expression of interest, please refer to the previous post linked below.


Year 3 – 6 St Dominic’s School Choir Recommencing in Term 3!


Get ready to sing your heart out!


Jacky Lisi
St Dominic’s School Choir Coordinator