Year 3 Excursion to The Constitutional Centre of Western Australia

On Wednesday, 21st October, the Year 3 class will be going on an excursion to The Constitutional Centre of Western Australia.

Throughout the excursion, students will build on their understanding of civics and citizenship through the concepts of democracy and participation. Using familiar contexts, they will consider how and why community groups create rules and make decisions. Students will also think about their own participation in the local community and how this contributes to society.

We will travel by bus, which will depart school at 12:15pm and arrive back at approximately 2:20pm. Children will be required to wear their normal summer school uniform on this day. They should come to school with a small backpack that contains their hat, water bottle and lunch. They will take their backpack with them on the excursion as we will eat lunch after arriving in the city.

I will require one parent helper who is prepared to travel by bus and assist with activities throughout the excursion. Please let me know if you are able to assist by completing the form linked below. After conducting a raffle of names, I will inform you as soon as possible if you have been selected to attend. Your help is greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me prior to the excursion date.


Online Parent Helper Form



Alicia Matrenza

Year 3 Teacher