Year 3 to 6 In-term Swimming Information

In Weeks 3 and 4, St Dominic’s School students from Years 3 – 6 will be participating in in-term swimming lessons at Scarborough Beach Pool in a program run by the Royal Life Saving Society. 

Coming home with your child today is an enrolment form that parents are asked to fill in as accurately as possible (please complete one form for each child and return it to the office by Tuesday of Week 2 at the latest). If required, a digital copy of the form is also linked below.     

Swimming lessons will take place Monday to Friday for two weeks, commencing on Monday, 17th February. Please assist by providing information about your child’s swimming ability that is as accurate as possible, and by being supportive and encouraging about their opportunity to improve their swimming skills, regardless of where they are on their journey. If there are any questions regarding swimming lessons, parents can contact Cindy Lee Watson on 9205 7356. If you have any general questions regarding swimming lessons, please contact either myself or the classroom teacher.  

What to bring  

  • Bathers – school bathers preferred, but if school bathers are not available then please ensure girls have one-piece bathers and boys have speedos or jammers (knee-length racing bathers)  
  • Rashies – in the interests of keeping our students safe from the harmful effects of the sun, all children must also wear a rashie over their swimming bathers. Sunscreen will of course be available, however, parents are strongly advised to send their child to school with sunscreen already on. 
  • Goggles – these are actually essential and will make your child’s experience of swimming in a chlorinated pool far more pleasant!  
  • Towel and thongs.  
  • Dry underwear!  

Bus travel  

  • Students will be travelling to and from Scarborough Swimming Pool by bus. Students in Years 5 to 6 will be departing school at around 8:50am and will return to school by approximately 10:00am. Students in Years 3 to 4 will depart at approximately 9:40am and return by around 11:00am.  

Changing – before and after  

  • It is recommended that students wear their bathers underneath their school uniform when they come to school in the morning. Please ensure students have dry underwear, socks, etc. so that they do not have to stay in wet bathers for the rest of the day!  
  • If it weather happens to be cold, and as students will get changed back at school, NOT in swimming pool change rooms, it might also be a good idea to bring an extra warm jumper, or equivalent, for the bus trip back.  
  • Students are allowed to wear sports uniform everyday during swimming lessons. 
  • We hope your child enjoys two weeks of swimming in this beautiful summer weather!  


Digital Copy of Swimming Enrolment Form



Mr Paljetak
Physical Education Teacher