Year 4 First Eucharist Retreat Day

On Friday, 28th May, the Year 4 students participated in a First Eucharist Retreat day at the 24/7 Youth Ministry Centre in Osbourne Park.

We started the retreat by playing some ice breaker games and then we wrote down what we are grateful for in our lives.  After that, we discussed all the sacraments starting with Baptism.  We then talked about the meaning of Baptism and learnt that it is just like a freckle; a permanent mark to let you know that you will always be part of God’s family.

We also spoke about the Sacrament of Reconciliation and discussed how sinning creates a blockage between us and God.  It is important to understand the meaning of Reconciliation, so that we are ready to take Holy Communion.  We learnt six actions that represent Reconciliation and got to act them out.  Next, we spoke about the different parts of the Mass and completed several activities to help us remember them all.

At the end of the retreat, we walked the story of Jesus together and watched the Youth Ministry workers act out all the scenes.  As a group we shared the last supper, prayed in the garden of Gethsamene and prayed while Jesus died for us on the cross.

We had a wonderful time at the Youth Ministry Centre and are excited to celebrate our First Eucharist with our families on Sunday, 13th June.


Click Here to Access Some Photos from the Day



Jacky Lisi

Year 4 Teacher