POSTPONED – Year 4 Smoothie Stand

Unfortunately, Jacky was not at school today, so as such the smoothie stand did not take place and has had to be postponed.  We apologise for any inconvenience caused.  As soon as Jacky is back at school we will look to set a new date for this very exciting Year 4 initiative.

Thank you for your understanding.


During the Year 4 Religious Education lessons, we have been learning about how people experience living and learning in a range of communities throughout their lives.  These communities can be the family, the parish, the school, the workplace and others such as sport and interest groups.  We have discussed that when people are part of a community, they feel a connection with others and a sense of belonging.

People can participate in communities in many ways.  These include volunteering to assist with work that needs to be done, help people with planning and organising events, donate money or time or help with fundraising.

As part of our learning the class has explored different fundraising ideas.  Together we have decided that we would like to sell a healthy smoothie from the canteen, and donate the money raised to the RSPCA.  The money raised will provide animal care and protection services across the country to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome animals of many kinds.

We will be offering a healthy fruit smoothie that students can purchase for $1 at lunch time on Wednesday, 1st September (Week 7).  Please see the ingredients listed below and advise your child’s classroom teacher if you DO NOT want your child to purchase a smoothie.

Berry Smoothie Ingredients:

    • Frozen Berry Mix
    • Banana
    • Coconut Yoghurt
    • Oat Milk



Jacky Lisi
Year 4 Classroom Teacher