Year 6 End of Year Events

As we draw closer to the end of the 2020 school year, there are several events planned to celebrate our Year 6’s time here at St Dominic’s.  Although it will be sad to see them leave us in a few weeks, we are looking forward to celebrating the many wonderful memories of their time here at St Dominic’s.

Below is an outline of the celebrations planned.

Friday 27th November

    • 9:00am – Final Year 6 Whole School Assembly in the Hall
    • 9:45am – Year 6 Students vs Teacher Handball Game on the Oval

Friday 11th December

    • 9:00am – Whole School Thanksgiving and Graduation Mass at St Dominic’s Church
    • 10:30am – Student Guard of Honour Procession between the Church and Oval
    • 10:40am – Graduation morning tea/ cake in the Hall (see message below for further details)
    • 11:00am – Balloon Release Ceremony and Farewell on the Oval
    • 11:30am – Students return to class with Mr Bovell or head off to Outback Splash (see below)

Below is a message from Veronica Raso, with further details regarding additional events organised by a group of our Year 6 parent representatives.  Questions regarding the below aspects of the students final day should be directed to Veronica.



Leon Bolding



2020 Graduation Celebrations

Graduation is fast approaching for our 2020 leavers. A few of us got together and have planned the following ….

Friday, 11th December

    • 10:40am – Graduation Morning Tea
      • Could families please provide a plate to share on the day, girls bring a sweet dish and boys bring a savoury dish. Dishes can be dropped off at the hall prior to the commencement of mass and school staff will heat, arrange and place items on the tables ready for the morning tea.
    • 11:30am – Outback Splash in Bullsbrook
      • Students are dismissed and leave from school with a caregiver, making their own way to the venue
      • All students will need to be signed out by a parent or guardian via Mr Bovell before leaving the school grounds
      • Please email Mr Bovell prior to the day if someone other than yourselves will be signing your child out
      • The children will spend the afternoon at Outback Splash – see the following link for directions and information about the water park – 
      • The cost is $20 per student, which includes entry to all water activities and slides as well as mini golf, wildlife enclosure, the maze and a cabana for shade
      • Food is available for purchase at your own cost or their is an option to bring a picnic
      • Please note that the teachers will not be attending therefore each student is the parent’s or caregivers responsibility
      • Price per adult attending on the day will be determined by how many of us go, so please let me know ASAP via the online form linked below

Saturday, 12th December

    • 12:00pm – Celebratory Lunch at Tassles Bar and Bistro, Innaloo
      • Parents, teachers and graduating students are all invited
      • Cost per head is $30 pp and drinks at your own cost

Please RSVP, via the form below, indicating which event/s your child would like to attend.  Prior to sending your RSVP please transfer the corresponding money to the account listed below ($20 per student for Outback Splash/ $30 per person attending the luncheon) and include the receipt number in the online form.  All RSVP’s and money transfers are required  by Tuesday, 1st December

Name:  Veronica Raso

BSB:  066-112

Account:  0091 2749


Online RSVP Form



Thanks so much,

Veronica Raso