Project Compassion Launch 2021

On Tuesday, students from our Spiritual Ministry (Tom, Andrew, James M) attended the Project Compassion Launch at Corpus Christi in Bateman. The Project Compassion launch is a way of marking the beginning of Lent, and a chance for many schools around the metro area to come together to learn about the many projects around the world that Caritas funds.

The theme for Project Compassion 2021 is: Be More. We are inspired by the quote from St Oscar Romero, “Aspire not to have more, but to be more.”

Instead of aspiring to have more, we can focus on how we can BE more. Be more kind, more green, more involved, more aware, more giving.

This Lent, let us consider how we can ‘BE MORE’ for our neighbours around the world.

The day started off with a mass, which was then followed by a delicious morning tea of Pancakes. In the session after morning tea, the boys from the Spiritual Ministry were given the chance to mingle with students from other schools to learn more about  Catholic Social Teachings and how they apply to some of the groups that Caritas fundraises for.

Over the coming weeks, I will be sending out weekly newsletter items detailing the stories of people who are affected by poverty in many different ways. These items will have videos attached to them of the stories of people in third world countries. These would be great to watch as a family to gain an understanding of where the money that you donate this Lent goes, and how you can make a difference to the lives of those who are less fortunate.

Let’s be more this Lent and give generously to Project Compassion. I certainly know that some of our Year 6 students are looking forward to setting up some quality fundraising opportunities.


A Few Photos from the Project Compassion Launch



Alex Paljetak

Assistant Principal