Allergy Aware at St Dominic’s School

As you would be aware, St Dominic’s is an ALLERGY AWARE School.  As an allergy aware school, our aim is to inform staff, students and parents about the risks of allergies as well as provide a supportive environment in which children at risk of anaphylaxis can feel safe.

Like all schools, we have a number of students who require epipens due to the severity of their allergies and many families that rely on our ongoing vigilance.  Below is a list of allergies we are aware of at St Dominic’s;

  • All Nuts
  • Eggs (raw or cooked)
  • Lactose
  • Penicillin

It is important that we are all aware, proactive, informed and responsible in regard to packing items in our children’s lunchboxes that may trigger an allergic reaction in a susceptible child – for example, peanut paste or Nutella sandwiches.

Thank you for your care and consideration of the needs of other children in our school, it is most appreciated.



Leon Bolding