Year 1 Assembly Information

As you are aware, Year 1 will be conducting the school assembly on Friday, 13th August, in the undercover area.  We have begun practicing our item piece and are looking forward to the day with anticipation.

This message is to simply inform you about any particulars leading up to the assembly.

Our assembly will be about a story called ‘What the Ladybird Heard’ by Julia Donaldson.  Each student has been given a part to play.  Your child’s individual part will be shared with you via a separate message during the week.  As part of an upcoming Art lesson, the students will be making masks to wear on the day.  We ask that your child come dressed in the colour of their animal character or dressed as their human character.

Some of the children will be given a script to read during the assembly.  Please practice the script with your child every night so that they feel confident reading it on the day.

On Friday, 13th August, we ask that all the children ARRIVE by 8:30am.  It is imperative that all children are here on time so we can get them prepared and go through a few last minute formalities.

If there are any queries about the information in this post or anything else regarding the assembly, please feel free to come and see us.



Louise Smith and Hannah Mearns

Year 1 Teachers