2023 Uniform Information and Reminders

The St Dominic’s School uniform continues to be available via JFE’s shopfront located at Unit 1, 85 Guthrie Street, Osbourne Park, or online via their website.  Further details, including opening hours and a link to their online website, can be found here on our school website.

In preparation for next year, below is a link to the schools ‘Uniform Requirements’ document and a few uniform points to remember when preparing for the new school year.

  • Students starting in Pre Primary next year are required to wear the full sports uniform, including the grey and white polo as well as the faction top.  Students will need to wear their faction polo twice a week on specific days.
  • Our new 2023 Year 1 students transition into the full school uniform.  Students will be required to wear the more formal uniform three days a week and the sports uniform on the other two.  Please refer to the document linked below for the summer and winter uniform requirements.
  • The specific sports days for each class will be shared with families prior to the school term commencing.  It is expected that students will wear the correct uniform on the appropriate days.
  • If for any reason a student is unable to wear the correct uniform on the appropriate day or needs to wear an item that is not in line with the schools uniform requirements document, parents/ guardians are asked to inform their child’s classroom teacher.
  • When getting back to school hair cuts, the uniform requirements document states that alternative haircuts, colours and fashion trends are not permitted.  Mullets, shaved lines and patterns are not considered appropriate and should not be requested.
  • If purchasing black ‘school’ shoes for the start of the new year, these should not be black runners, instead these shoes need to be of a leather style black ‘school’ shoe.
  • Please take note of the correct sock requirements for each specific uniform.  Alternative socks should not be worn and the correct style of sock should be worn with the correct uniform.

Do take the time to read the document linked below, as it outlines all the specific and compulsory requirements of our school uniform.  We thank and appreciate you helping to ensure our students understand the importance of wearing the school uniform with pride.


St Dominic’s School Uniform Requirements



Leon Bolding