2022 Semester 2 Reports/ Parent Teacher Interviews

At St Dominic’s School, the formal Pre-Primary to Year 6 Reports are sent home electronically via a website called SEQTA Engage.  The Semester 2 reports will go live on the website at approximately 4:00pm on Monday, 12th December.

To access past reports and the upcoming Semester 2 2022 report, families will need to log into the following website – https://stdominics.coneqt-p.cathednet.wa.edu.au/.  The username and password required will be the same one used back in Semester 1.  Please try logging in prior to Monday, 12th December and contact me by clicking here if you have any difficulties.

Families that have recently joined our school will receive a seperate email from SEQTA providing details of how to create a new account and gain access to your child’s report.

Year 6 families should download and save all reports on SEQTA Engage by the end of the school year, as they will no longer be accessible once they have moved to high school.


Semester 2 Parent Teacher Interviews

Although students finish on Friday, 9th December, staff continue for another week.  If you would like to meet with your child’s teacher, they will be available throughout this week.  Please email your child’s classroom teacher directly and arrange a time that is suitable for you both.



Leon Bolding