Canteen News – We are trying to reduce our waste and recycle more at St Dominic’s!

Small changes are happening at our canteen!  We are continually trying to eliminate waste and continue to support the schools compost bins with our fresh food scraps, collection of bread/ can tops for Mini Vinnies, recycle all our plastics and cardboard into the recycling bins and have recently swapped our straws from plastic to paper.  In an even bigger effort to reduce waste, we have been trialling reusable plastic cutlery (from Ikea) with jelly/ yogurt etc and the children have been fantastic at remembering to return the items back to the canteen so that they can be washed and put away for next time.  To take this step even further, at our last pasta special, some of the children and staff brought in their own forks (and a metal straw) from home to use with their lunch.  This has seen great progress on our ‘War on Waste’ and we encourage all children to consider bringing their own cutlery/ metal straw in from home to use.  All we ask is that you write ‘no fork’ or ‘no straw’ etc on the lunch order bag so we don’t automatically supply a disposable plastic one.

Below is a picture of Zari (Yr5), Raphael (Yr6), Lisa (Yr3) and Mrs Bramich with their cutlery from home before tucking into their pasta special last term.

Canteen News - We are trying to reduce our waste and recycle more at St Dominic's!

Thank you for helping us continue our War on Waste.


Mrs Kelly and Mrs Challis

Canteen Managers