Communication Streams at St Dominic’s – eNewsletter, Latest Notices, School Website, Seesaw, Facebook and Twitter

There are many ways in which we share information with families here at St Dominic’s, both verbally and digitally.  This year, we are looking at ways to further streamline the digital channels through which information is delivered, with the continued focus on making information easily accessible, timely and available when needed.  Below is an outline of the main communication streams we will be using in 2020.

eNewsletter – Once a week (normally a Sunday), all families in our school community receive an email with the subject line ‘Term ? Week ? eNewsletter’.  This eNewsletter always contains a prayer reflection for the week, the next two weeks of events (taken directly from our online parent planner), and links to connect you with the Sunday Gospel readings and our local parish.  In addition, under a section titled ‘Latest Notices’, there may be additional links to important notices.  These notices are ones that generally apply to the whole school community.

eNewsletter Example


Latest Notices – Throughout the week, families receive emails with the subject line ‘Latest Notices’.  Notices displayed in these emails can be accessed simply by clicking on the image or title located beneath each section.  Alternatively, clicking on the latest notices title will take you directly to our school website and all published notices.  These emails may be sent to all families or individual classes depending on the subject, however, all notices are published on our school website.

Latest Notices Example


School Website – The school web site is the main hub for all information pertaining to St Dominic’s School and is where all notices are housed.  Our school website contains a vast array of helpful information.  Using the search button located in the top right hand corner of the site, is the quickest and easiest way to find what you need.  Clicking on this icon will bring up a box in which you can type a key word.  After typing a key word and pressing enter, a list of all the related posts will appear.  Rather than searching through emails, we see this as a quick and easy way to locate any notice you may be trying to find.

School Website


SeeSaw – After a successful trial last year, all classes in 2020 will continue to utilise the SeeSaw app.  Teachers use this app to share with families insights into their child’s learning and to provide reminders about upcoming events.  If you haven’t joined your child’s class SeeSaw or would like help navigating your way around the app, please contact your child’s classroom teacher, who will be more than happy to assist.

Discover More About SeeSaw


Facebook and Twitter – St Dominic’s School currently has an active Facebook and Twitter account.  We use these two accounts to share with the wider community general information/ photos, relating to things that have been taking place at our school.  Your ‘shares’ and ‘likes’ on these social media platforms help us to spread the good news about the wonderful things happening at our amazing school.  If you haven’t connected with us via these platforms and would like to, the links below should assist.




Thank you for taking the time to read through the above information and for staying up to date through these channels.



Leon Bolding