COVID-19 Update #17 – Free Government Supplied RAT’s for St Dominic’s Families

We currently still have a significant supply of Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs) supplied to our school from the WA Government.  These RATs will be distributed to you for use if a family member becomes symptomatic.  Each child has an allocation of 20 RAT’s (1 box), in addition to the box previously provided earlier in the year, which families are able to collect from the front office.

Please be mindful that while these RATs are safe for use by children, they should only be administered under the supervision of an appropriate adult.  Children are not able to collect a families allocation of RAT’s.

Please continue to report any positive COVID-19 results on the school’s COVID-19 Self-Reporting Portal, as well as registering any positive COVID-19 RAT results on the WA Health RAT Register, as is required by the WA Government.



Leon Bolding